Pocket nebulizer device

Breathe easy. Everywhere.

Pocket Neb™ is a lightweight, portable vibrating mesh nebulizer for aerosol drug delivery to patients with respiratory conditions like asthma and COPD, available by prescription only.

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The Pocket Neb™ is is simple to use and portable, weighing only 10 ounces.

  • Lightweight and small — fits easily in a pocket or purse
  • Rechargeable — don't worry about dead batteries
  • Silent delivery — easily use it anywhere


The Pocket Neb's small size and simple dosing means it is easy for anyone to comply with their treatment plan. Better compliance means fewer acute episodes. That means more peace of mind.

Pocket nebulizer device

You are in control.

Pocket Neb™ is a portable, rechargeable, vibrating mesh nebulizer that lets you live life on your schedule.

  • Easy operation for administering for anyone 2 years and up
  • 20 Minute auto-shut off ensures complete dosing
  • 90 Minute maximum run-time allows multiple doses on a single charge
  • Micro-pump design with 4,000 micro holes allows for 98% delivery of solution medications in two modes, on-demand and continuous operation, assuring a complete treatment
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery means no more dead batteries
  • Lightweight design fits easily in a pocket or purse
  • Silent delivery means the Pocket Neb™ can be used anywhere, anytime
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Simple features mean total convenience.


  • Size: 2.5 in x 3.125 in x 0.75 in
  • Weight: 10 oz


  • Max run time: 90 minutes
  • Included: USB charger plug
  • LED-indicator lights: for power and low battery


  • Dosing rate: 0.25 ml/min
  • Particle Size: falls in the therapeutic range of 1-5 microns, measured by Spraytec laser diffraction, allowing more aerosol to enter the lungs

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Made in USA and FDA Cleared
Medical safety mask

X-HALE Filtered Aerosol Mask

Designed for use with either the Pocket Neb or standard nebulizer kits with vertical connections, the X-HALE mask addresses potential transmission from infected patients by filtering out exhaled bioaerosols during treatment.

About X-HALE

Praised for Cutting-Edge Ease-of-Use

The Pocket Neb™ was recognized at Premier Inc.'s 2018 Innovation Celebration for its simplicity, convenience, and unparalleled portability.

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