Medical safety mask with nebulizer and safety mask

Protect caregivers.

The new X-HALE filtered aerosol mask works with both the Pocket Neb™ and standard nebulizer kits to filter out exhaled bioaerosols, reducing exposure to caregivers during treatment.

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Medical safety mask with nebulizer

Introducing the
X-HALE Filtered Aerosol Mask.

Protect caregivers.

The Challenge

Bioaerosols released by infected patients during nebulizer treatment can transmit SARS Cov-2 and other infectious agents, posing a risk to health care workers.

Open or valved aerosol masks are hard to filter, and filters on nebulizer exhalation ports only work while the patient maintains contact with the mouthpiece.

Our Solution

The X-HALE mask captures exhaled aerosol particles during nebulizer treatment and reduces the dispersion of bioaerosols.

It can be used with the Pocket Neb as well as standard compressor/nebulizer kits with vertical connections.

When combined with other recommended precautions such as using proper PPE, hand washing, and physical distancing during treatment, the X-HALE mask can effectively reduce the transmission of potentially infectious bioaerosols.

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Chart detailing efficiency of the mask.


  • Filter material meets ASTM-F-3502-21 Level 2 standards
  • 80% filtration rating
Medical safety mask front view


  • 5mm H20 breathability
  • Eight filtered exhalation ports
Medical safety mask back view

Easy to wear, easy to use.


  • Soft polyvinyl material
  • Eight filtered exhalation ports
  • Adjustable ear straps
  • Latex free

Effective Protection

  • Meets ASTM-F-3502-21, Level 2 Standard for face mask filtration
  • 80% filtration rating
  • 5 mm H2O breathability

Instructional Video

XHALE mask

*Mask color represented in product video is for demonstration purposes only

Made in USA and FDA Cleared

Better Filtration

Designed to optimize fit and enhance filtration, the X-Hale mask offers a safer option that may reduce transmission risk.

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