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Pocket nebulizer device

Convenient aerosol therapy puts you in control.

Pocket Neb™ is a portable, rechargeable, vibrating mesh nebulizer that can be used by anyone 2 years and up. 

Treatment can be administered with either:
  • Mouthpiece (included)
  • Standard aerosol mask
  • X-HALE mask and a closed mask adaptor
Easily get the treatment you need anytime, anywhere thanks to:
  • Lightweight design that fits in a purse or pocket
  • Multiple doses on a single charge
  • Simple operation
  • Silent delivery
About Pocket Neb
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Medical safety mask with nebulizer

Introducing the
X-HALE filtered aerosol mask for nebulizers.


More than a standard aerosol mask, the X-HALE mask filters out exhaled bioaerosols during treatment, reducing possible exposures to the caregiver in clinical settings.


Filter material for the X-HALE meets ASTM F3502-21 standard, with an 80% filtration rating and 5 mm H2O breathability.


The X-HALE mask is designed for use with both the Pocket Neb and standard nebulizer kits with vertical attachments.

About X-HALE
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How to Use Your Pocket Neb

Your Pocket Neb is quiet, portable, and easy to use. Laura H. gives us step-by-step instructions on how to use and clean your Pocket Neb.

Made in USA and FDA Cleared

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