Community Partnerships

Through our partnership with Midlands Technical College in Columbia, South Carolina, we are able to produce the Pocket Neb, an on-the-go nebulizer that makes it easy for people with chronic respiratory problems to stay healthy and breathe easier.

"MVD has been a perfect job to have while in school. The work hours are flexible around our classes, it's on a Midlands Tech campus so it is close to school, and it gives engineering students a chance to practice what we learn and get first hand experience in a manufacturing job as well."

Charlie Reamer

We are dedicated to education.

Through our partnership with Midlands Technical College we give students an opportunity to receive a quality education and develop invaluable real world technical manufacturing skills, while nurturing professional relationships in the industry.

"While working at MVD, I hope to continue to learn how to problem solve and think on the fly. While creating the products, you have to learn how to manage and fix certain problems that arise during production. I’m able to learn how to fix problems myself and learn from how other people fix problems."

Brent Dees

We are committed to our community.

We value the Midlands community and we are proud to employ students, researchers, and instructors from Midlands Technical College. MicroVapor Devices is committed to supporting American industry. Our products including Pocket Neb are proudly assembled in our USA. The Pocket Neb is made locally in South Carolina, by people who understand the importance of convenience when it comes to controlling your breathing.

"Midlands Technical College gains attention from local businesses and the community by providing a facility for businesses to operate. Their students get opportunities for hands-on practical application of some skills learned in engineering programs towards an actual task in production. MVD benefits greatly by having employees who want to learn and we have a fountain of students to recruit from."

Matt Mixon

We are leading the way.

We believe Investment in public-private partnerships among businesses, universities, and nongovernmental organizations is critical to strengthening the country’s leadership in technologically advanced manufacturing. Here and elsewhere— MVD is leading the way.

"We are delighted that MVD is enjoying the Business Accelerator at Midlands Technical College. One advantage of being a developmental company in the Accelerator is the company's ability to take advantage of student workforce opportunities being a step away from MTC. We are pleased that MVD currently employs 6 MTC students and hopefully someday, many more."

Chuck Whipple
Executive Director of the EnterPrise Industrial Campus

We care about patient health.

In partnership with Midlands Technical College, we are proud to present Camp Catch Your Breath, a free one-day camp where kids learn to manage their asthma in a safe, fun environment. The camp is also a service project for MTC students, who have the opportunity to see why their work is meaningful. Camp Catch Your Breath helps our youngest patients stay healthy and happy.

"Camp Catch Your Breath gave employees of MVD a chance to meet with families that have children with asthma and discuss new technology for treatment. The staff of Camp Catch Your Breath were very professional and made the camp experience both educational and fun for the kids as well as for MVD employees."

Terry O'Brien
COO, Micro Vapor Devices

How to Use Your Pocket Neb

Your Pocket Neb is quiet, portable, and easy to use. Laura H. gives us step-by-step instructions on how to use and clean your Pocket Neb.

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